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Our office advertises and shows the property, as well as screens tenants. After a potential tenant views the property and expresses interest, he/she is given a rental application to complete and return to our office. a non-refundable application fee of $40.00 per adult is also collected. With this application fee, RE/MAX Team, REALTORS conducts a Criminal Background Check on all applicants over the age of 18 and, a Credit Background Check on person(s) financially responsible for the lease. Our office also acquires landlord references from applicant's current and previous landlord as well as verifies income/employment. Once this information is gathered and RE/MAX Team, REALTORS determines that the applicant is a viable tenant, a rental agent will contact the property owner to review the application. It is then the responsibility of the owner to accept or reject the applicant. If the application is rejected, a rejection form will be mailed to the applicant stating the reasons for the rejection. If the applicant is accepted, a rental agent will contact the applicant and schedule a appointment for him/her to execute the lease (exception - instances where owner may choose to execute his/her own lease). Our office employs the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors Lease that is compiled by PAR Attorneys. At the time of lease signing, RE/MAX Team, REALTORS will, at minimum, collect a property Security Deposit. Other monies may also be collected at this time based on the move-in date agreed upon by owner and tenant. No keys to the property are released until our office is provided with applicable utility account numbers established in the tenant(s) name. In the instance of a 'One Time' Account, our office turns the account over to the property owner after the lease has been executed, monies collected, and keys released. The property owner will then receive copies of all paperwork and a accounting of monies collected via USPS.

In the instance of 'Management Accounts'; RE/MAX Team, REALTORS will continue to manage the property beyond lease signing. This includes:  collecting rent and returning appropriate amount to owner (less management fee and any maintenance outlay) along with a Profit and Loss statement on a monthly basis. Tenants will be advised that rents are due on the 1st of the month and late after the 5th. As a matter of policy, on the 7th of the month, 15-day 'eviction notice' will be posted on all units where tenants have neglected to pay rent in a timely fashion. This notice states that unless rent and late fees are paid within a specific time-frame, RE/MAX Team, REALTORS will file with the District Magistrate, on behalf of the owner, for possession of the unit and recovery of all monies due. There is an additional fee assessed to owner for the service.There will be a $35.00 Late Fee assessed to late paying tenants on the 6th of the month with an additional $2.00 per day assessed on subsequent days until all rent and late fees have been paid. The date of the eviction action will be noted on the notice. If rent and late fees are paid by this date, the notice is voided. Management Account Owners may also opt to request that our office conduct periodic walk-through inspections of the property. There is an additional fee of $50.00 per inspection for this service. Management Account tenants are also advised to contact our office immediately in the event of any maintenance issues. If maintenance problems are not reported in a timely fashion and the problem is exacerbated as a result, tenants may be required to pay out of pocket monies in order to have the problem remedied. The assignment of maintenance issues and any 'not to exceed' amounts are agreed upon by management and property owner at time of contract signing. In the event maintenance can state definitively that the problem is due to tenant neglect, the tenant is then charged for the maintenance call as well as any repairs required. RE/MAX Team, REALTORS will communicate any serious tenant problems to owner and will advise owner in the event a tenant plans to vacate the unit.Tenants must provide our office with a 30-day written move-out notice. Beyond move-out, our office will conduct a move-out inspection and report findings to the owner.

*  Management Accounts - 14% of monthly rental amount with a minimum of $40.00 per month per unit. There is also a additional $125.00 Finder's Fee due the first month after a tenant is located. Management Contracts extend for 1 year beyond the date a tenant is procured.

*  One-Time Accounts - One month's rent with a minimum of $300.00 per unit.



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